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Thank you for considering me to be your personal portrait photographer.  It is my job to create a full professional portrait session for you.  I will be happy to answer any questions you have and I promise to  make your session a fun and exciting experience.  Please read the following information for many details that will help us to create a great session.

 I know that email, facebook, and texting has become a popular form of communication these days.  With that said, please be aware that it is very difficult to book a session that way.  Please call on the phone to schedule with me as with every phone call the calendar changes.  It is always best to have the parent and the senior together when we schedule in order to work out an opening in the three calendars.  Thanks for understanding.

When you book your session I will be taking your credit card or debit card information in order to collect your retainer.  This retainer will hold and guarantee your date and time for your custom session.  Your appointment is not put on my calendar until the retainer is collected.  Retainers are non-refundable and are forfeited if you do not call to cancel or change your session at least 24 hours prior to your scheduled time. 

Please also note that I do take a retainer of $100 to book your senior session but that will be credited towards your order if you order within 1 month of your session date.  All my order sessions are held within a week of the session, in person, at my location.  We will chose your products and order during the order session.

Please know that all my images are delivered are a full and complete professional product.  Your images will be printed on REAL professional photo paper.  I do not send my images to an amateur lab as they are not of enough quality to last a lifetime.

What to Wear...

•It is best to avoid busy patterns, polka dots, stripes, and plaids.
Solids photograph much better.

•Bring a variety of colors.

•Sleeveless or strapless is fine but I would also recommend at least one outfit with sleeves.  The biggest complaint I have gotten from clients is that they do not like to see their arm pits in some poses.

•Bring some dressy, some medium, and some casual clothing.

•Our sessions are outdoor, remember there won't be a fancy place to change. I may have a changing tent or you may need to change in your car.  Bring towels to cover your windows for modesty.

•We will be photographing both close up and full length shots.  Please remember to bring all the correct accessories such as  the shoes, belts, and jewelry.

•Bring your outfits ON HANGERS.  If your clothes are wrinkled it will show in the images.  To retouch the wrinkles will cost a pretty penny in
photoshop charges.  Make sure they are ironed.

•Girls watch out for tan lines.  If you have tan lines and want them retouched there will be photoshop fees applied.  It is much cheaper to wear clothing that will cover the tan lines.


Q.   What is the retainer?
A.   The retainer you pay when you book your session is used to guarantee your date and time.  It is non-refundable although it is used towards your purchase.  A lot of photographers will charge you a session fee and for that you do not get any images.  Your retainer is credit on your account so your session is actually FREE!

Q.     Are there additional fees for retouching?
A.     Maybe. Basic facial retouching is at no extra charge although there may be a charge for some other retouching request.  I will let you know the charge for specific request during your order session.

Q.     How many outfit changes are we allowed?
A.     I have found that our sessions allow for 3 outfit changes.  The more time you spend changing clothes the less time you allow us to create your images.

Q.  Can I bring special props for my session?
A.  Yes, I strongly suggest you do.  Bring things to show who you are.  This session is not just about you finishing high school, it is about who you really have become.  Let your personality show. (Don’t forget your class ring if you have one!)

Q.  Will you help me know how to pose?
A.  Most definitely.  I have been through years of training to know how to create the most becoming images of you.

Q.  How long will my session take?
A.  Most of my sessions will run from 1 1/2- 2 hours.  Some times it takes longer to photograph the girls because we are dealing with hair in the wind and we may need to take more time because of that.

Q.  I was told that I have to go to the yearbook photographer to be in the yearbook.  Do I have to buy pictures from them?  
A.  You are correct that you have to be photographed by that other photographer to be in the yearbook, BUT, you do not have to purchase from them.  You have the right to hire your own personal portrait photographer to create your images.




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