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Cindy Tiefenbrunn of Cindy’s Photo is a full time professional photographer.  Cindy has worked full time in the field of photography for over 40 years.  She began working as a lab technician while in high school and has done everything possible to further her education in this industry.

Cindy is a Certified Master Photographer and a Certified Master Artist as recognized by the Professional Photographers Association.  This organization is an international organization that strives to provide quality education to the professional photographer.  Cindy is actually the only person in the state of Missouri to hold the title “Certified Master Artist”.

With the technical and economic changes in the past 5 years there is a flood of photographers in and around the area.  Technology has made it easy for an individual to pick up a camera and claim to be a photographer.  There is so much more to running a successful photography business than just clicking the shutter.  Cindy will deliver a professional product.

Cindy photographs many types of images although she does not do weddings.  If you are in need of a wedding photographer she would be happy to give you a list of professionals that she would trust.

Cindy was the Vice President of the Professional Photographers Assn. of St. Louis and is now the Secretary of the Missouri Professional Photographers Assn.  Cindy’s life is consumed with professional photography and it shows in the quality of her work.  It is because of her on going education in this industry that gives her the ability to be successful.

When you are in need of a professional photographer ask yourself, do I want a true professional or do I want to go cheap.  A professional product may be more costly but you really will get what you pay for.

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